5 Jax Teller You Didn’t Know Yet | Sons of Anarchy

5 Jax Teller You Didn’t Know Yet | Sons of Anarchy

To be honest, it is quite next to impossible that Jax Teller is not one of the favorite or the only favorite characters of the SAMCRO fandom. Jax Teller from the Sons of Anarchy series based on 7 seasons had played the main role of protagonist and appeared in all episodes. 

Let me ask you about what’s one best feature of Jax teller’s character that impressed you the most?

It could be his blue eyes, blonde hair, young, handsome, and muscular motorbiker’s looks. However, most people go for his Brave & thoughtful leader personality as Jax has always been loyal to his club and brothers.

Let’s have a Deeper look into Jax Teller’s Personality & Traits

There might be some you didn’t know or notice about Jax’s character throughout the series. 

  • Jax Teller’s Real Name 

The real name of Jax from sons of anarchy is Jackson Mithaneul Teller. He was named after Gemma’s younger brother who had died due to the same heart conditions Gemma faces.

  • Jax Teller Never Got Shot 

It is a quite crazy fact that Jax Teller never got shot even once even in the whole series. Even how often they jumped headfirst in action. However, he got stabbed with a knife in his jail time.

  • Jax Teller is Drug-Free

Depending on the facts how motorcycle clubs are more into drugs than they should be. Jax Teller except cigarette is not into drugs and is drugs-free. 

The secret behind Jax Teller Charismatic Personality & SOA Vest

Ever since the first season people had anticipated with Jax Teller’s charisma, decisions, and actions that he is the Vice President now is soon going to be the President in the futur

As he was not seeking power that was ultimately destined for him and was seeking the best for his brothers. Jax from sons of anarchy who seemed to be always calm and composed could go for violent actions to protect his brothers from the enemy. 

Many critics have claimed the Jax teller’s SOA vest that he used to wear to represent the SAMCRO club. Sons of anarchy redwood original jacket were earned as it represented resilience, discipline, living for what you believe in, having your brother’s back at all times, and leaving anyone behind. 

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