A Complete Rundown on Goku | Hero of Dragon Ball Z Manga series

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Ever since the introduction in  Dec 3rd, 1984. The character of Goku has been one of the most recognized main characters from the Dragon Ball Z manga series. For over 34 years to the present day. Goku drip puffer jacket


The global fandom has grown exponentially with Goku being everywhere from Video games, Parades,  even the Mascot for 2020 Olympics.


What is it about the Arc Character of Goku that got Millions of fandom globally?


Like Vegeta’s character, Goku’s character had also grown over the time with every series from being. An infant to son Goku leading to Adult Goku. 


However, fans still give Vegeta’s characters an upper hand as they claim Vegeta has grown throughout the series. Whereas Goku’s character, thoughts, acts, mission and mindset has remained the same.


Let’s take a deep dive and break down every aspect of Gok’s flat character Arc. 


Goku | All about his Personality, Origins, & Appearance 

Background story | How it all started 


The cheerful, tenacious and naive odd character of Goku also known as Kakarato or Son Goku — has a nature of being. A wonderful person defending planet Earth from Termination. 


However, It was not always the same deal. Goku is also a Saiyan and similarly extremely violent, and ferocious. 


After Birth, Goku was incubated for years till sent to planet Earth as Goku’s Father knew Earthlings are extremely weak and terminating the planet for resources won’t be a harsh task for Son Goku. 


However, just one month after Goku’s departure from his homeland, Bardock was destroyed by Frieza. 


Goku’s Versatile & Everlasting Flat Character Arc | Goku is the Hero & saviour of  Dragon Ball Z 


Goku character’s follow the flat character arc. This type of character already knows his ideal and maintains for long-term, growing and developing with it over time. 


Goku’s character is the oddest one compared to any other Dragon Ball Z characters and story he evolves in.


Goku believes in goodness, luck and changing the world for the better. 


Goku is the most focused character in Dragon Ball as he is the Dragon Ball. Goku’s character is ideal for the long-running series of Dragon Ball Z. Unlike other Villain characters or Heroic Characters, has an end ultimately like Vegeta & Piccolo characters.


How Goku changed Characters to Goodside


Master Roshi is retired as Goku is the NextGen saviour and powerful Defender of the Earth. 


Also influenced supporting characters like Piccolo, Ten Shin Han, and Vegeta changed to Good side joining Goku.


Unlike Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo, Goku’s character has no end or restriction due to its story Arc. 


Goku’s character therefore is the most intrigued, known globally, engaged  and influenced throughout every Manga chapter of Dragon Ball Z. 


Memorable Fight and All Transformations 


  • Base Forms 

In his base form has many super saiyan abilities including Super strength, Durability, speed, flight, energy projection, Kaio-Ken ability to multiply any of his power form. 

Goku defeated Frieza in his stronger base form in a Dragon Ball Super fight.


  • Great Ape

Goku is a with tail and turn to Strong Ape when sees full moon but loses control on mind. The only weakness lies in the tail of the saiyan if it cuts off. 


  • Pseudo Super Saiyan 

Transformation is between super saiyan and kaioken technique. Goku turns into super saiyan form with white eyes, bigger muscular fighting with Lords Slug.


  • Super Saiyan 

Goku transforms into Super Saiyan when Frieza kills Krillin. It is the unique transformation no saiyan had been able to transform into for many years. Goku’s hairs turn yellow, get muscular with 50x more than base power. 


  • Super Saiyan 1.0 

Super Saiyan 1.0 is also a rare transformation, as Super Saiyan wasn’t enough to defeat cell. Goku’s strengths and durability increases, but speed decreases to significant levels also called an imperfect. Form of transformation of Super Saiyan. 


  • Super Saiyan 2 

Achieving and mastering Super Saiyan 2.0 electifies Goku’s power with lengthy hair, no eyebrows, 400X more than his base power.


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