BTS Euphoria – Theme of LOVE YOURSELF | Explained

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Ain’t it fascinating about BTS how every song has a subtle story & message that is linked to the recently released projects.

Today, we are going to break into the frame by frame to explain in detail what the BTS Euphoria song was all about. You might have found the Euphoria song a positive version which in reality is faking happiness. 

Initial Analysis | What is BTS Euphoria?

Euphoria is an imaginary world of happiness created by Jin & RM to escape the suffering from the guilt of their wrongdoings of the BTS boys. 

But there’s a catch about this new perfect world that has dark secrets and not favorable outcomes for anybody. 

Euphoria is just a parallel universe where the boys exchange the outcomes and sufferings of their wrong-doings. 

One of their song’s themes features a book theme “OMELAS” that highlights why the sufferings seemingly never cease. 

Basic Ideas Behind BTS Euphoria 

The song starts with V plunging into the water, and the scenes shift to rapid visuals of all the past mistakes of BTS boys. Starting from Jin’s death but now with the intention to save his friends, Jin tries to rewrite the past. It is quite vivid that the boys are trapped in some sort of delusional time loop between different universes. You can see many highlight reels about the boy’s mistakes and wrongdoings from the past playing in the loop. Though Jin has infinite chances to change his own fate but decides to help the boys. Ultimately all the efforts to change their fate go in vain as this is in their DNA. They can’t figure out what went wrong in the past. 

Twist in the Happy Euphoric World Plot 

What if everything that went wrong is just a Glitch & never actually happened?

This concept is elaborated in the Euphoria song with changing the past incidents. This time the boys are able to save Jin and save each other. Now RM is a genie and Jin requests to accept a wish. The Euphoric world is perfectly balanced till now. Jin does not seem to be worried about Jungkook saving Suga surrounded by fire. Jungkook didn’t get hit by the car nor Suga is suicidal in this alternate world and things seem to work out somehow as everyone is safe. V will not stab his father nor J-hope will overdose but all this good of six boys comes at the cost of one unfortunate last boy. That is Jimin 

Jungkook as Audience’s Surrogate 

Ever noticed why only Jungkook looks directly into the camera and faces the audience?

Jungkook’s expressions can be confusing and question the audience about what is happening and what will happen next. 


Was Euphoria really a happy song as Jungkook was happy and the audiences connected to him?

Next, we see Jungkook at the top of the building with a flying gesture, ready to fly and be free. But he can also jump, it means now instead of Suga Jungkook is suicidal. 

Jungkook is dreaming with a flying action in bright yellow Apoc Jacket, perceiving suicide as the ultimate freedom to all the sufferings. 

The Infamous Yellow Apoc Jacket Jungkook wore in Euphoria

Ever since the Euphoria song video release, the Apoc yellow jacket was claimed to give all sad, lonely, and suicidal BTS fans a sense of freedom and happiness. Check out our BTS Jungkook’s Euphoria Apoc Jacket in our store.

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