How To Dress Like Marvel’s Gambit

Gambit has been a mainstay in the X-Men mythos for years now, gaining prominence in the 90s with the animated series as well as a growing role in the comics. However, if you’re looking to go all-in on your love for this Cajun mutant, you’ll want to put together an outfit worthy of Marvel’s most famous card-thrower.

Though Gambit has been known to comic fans for generations, he was first introduced to movie fans in the poorly received X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie while playing Texas Hold’em poker in New Orleans. This is the most famous version of poker and helped connect the character to his signature attack, which is throwing playing cards charged with kinetic energy. It also brought in his thief roots and his sometimes-fluid relationship with law and order, both essential parts of the character in every version.

The Base

Most of Gambit’s body is covered with a black spandex material. This is easy to recreate: just grab an appropriately sized spandex suit. Zentai Suits have plenty of plain black options to choose from.

The Coat

Gambit never goes anywhere without his signature brown trench coat. The material isn’t necessarily important, but you’ll want something hard-wearing like leather or something similar to complete the look. Also remember that if you’re trying to avoid using animal products, there are plenty of vegan and faux leather options out there to choose from. The important thing is to find a coat that has a suitable weight and drape to create the signature movement that Gambit has as he is dealing his energy cards to enemies.

The Body Armor

In the comics, Gambit is shown to have a set of sculpted body armor beneath his coat and that can be something that you make out of foam or even fabric with some stiff interfacing. However, if you’re looking for a more realistic look, you can grab a pink vest off of eBay or Amazon and create make some simple adjustments to it. Particularly if you’re looking for a style inspired by Gambit rather than a strict cosplay of the character, this is the way to go.

The Staff

This is likely a detail you’ll only need to worry about if you’re intending this to be a cosplay of the character, since you’re unlikely to walk around the clubs with a six-foot-long pole. If you are looking to complete a cosplay outfit, however, this should be made of a light, hollow material so you can take it into conventions without issue. We recommend PVC pipe that you’ve cut to the correct length and then painted.

The Finishing Touches

Search on Amazon for some X-Men patches to put on the sleeves of your coat so no one can question where your allegiances lie. Finally, you’ll want to pick up a deck or two of playing cards to use as props, because Gambit is never without his favorite weapon.

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