How To Wear Bomber Jackets With Style

If you talk about one of the most stylish, eternal, and classic outerwear for men, the bomber jacket should definitely be at the top of the list. This timeless piece of clothing comes in various styles and is compatible for many occasions. Regardless of what you’re looking for; be it a warm and cozy cardigan to keep you feeling snug in harsh winter conditions or just to make a fashion statement to don a casual outfit, the bomber jacket answers all the needs. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the bomber jacket and the several types available in the market.

What Is A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets originated in the First World War. These jackets were used by military personnel and pilots when they needed something to keep themselves warm. These jackets were then adopted by almost all the armies of different countries, and slowly the fashion marketers incorporated this jacket in their product ranges and made it available for the general public, too. Nowadays, this jacket is considered a standard men’s fashion product. Pilots and soldiers in the early days used to wear this jacket which was made of leather, but now this jacket is made from several different raw materials like nylon, polyester, wool, suede, and others. Though this jacket comes in a lot of variations, generally you’ll see them with front zip closure, prominent neckline, ribbed cuffs, and hem.

There are a plethora of amazing ways to put on this bomber jacket. However, before you put it on, know what type of bomber jacket you’re buying. The black leather bomber or brown suede style bomber will both look completely different yet amazing if styled correctly.

Black Bomber Jacket

Black has always been classic and the most sophisticated whenever it comes to anything you wear. Similar is the case with bomber jackets. The black-colored bomber jacket is the most sleepy and versatile to be suited with many different outfits. If you’re looking for a fashionable athleisure look, go for a black nylon bomber, whereas if you’re wearing something edgy, the black leather bomber should do the job. The suede styles are also great for smart and casual appearances.

Olive Bomber Jackets

Every jacket that comes with a shade of green, which obviously includes olive, is one of the most famous choices for men. The olive color brings a uniqueness that is ideal for having an amazingly stylish outlook. Olive bomber jackets work as accents that are best to uplift your overall look. This bomber is teamed best with basic trousers like jeans or even chinos. You can also make this bomber look fine with neutral colors or something earthy like a khaki.

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