Jackets Care Guide

No matter how much you prefer summers over nail-biting winters, their arrival is inevitable, so better it is better to befriend them. The right jacket, along with the right combination of clothing, will always ensure you are looking elegant from the start of the day to the finish of it. Also, there is nothing that feels better amidst the crisp of winter, than donning a good quality jacket that shields your body from the ruthless gales of the season. A soft, stylish, and snug jacket is everyone’s best friend for the season, since not only do they make sure we are protected from the cold all the time, they also make us look cute!

Since jackets are essential, you don’t necessarily need all the time, it is incumbent to invest less often in them, but invest well. The best part is, for a properly-treated jacket twenty to thirty years are nothing!

Here at Marvel Jacket, we have an amazing and diverse range of remarkable jackets that are crafted from a variety of excellent quality fabric. In order to get the most out of your purchase, it is essential to know the proper jacket care guide. Other than taking good care of your jacket, it is also important to know the right combination of clothes to wear with them, as this makes sure you are always looking trendy irrespective of how old your jacket is. Every kind of jacket requires special care, for instance, men’s leather jackets and women’s leather jackets need to be treated differently than suede jackets.
So, if you are someone who wants to understand the importance and methods to keep your jackets looking ageless and voguish, pay close attention to this blog.

General Guide For Jackets Of All Kinds

Following are the methods that can be applied to any kind of jacket.

a. Hang It Right

This is the simplest and the easiest way to prolong the age of your jacket.
So, if you want your staple jacket to always look seamless, then you must better stop folding it, as the fabric of the jackets tends to immediately take the shape of the creases and the resulting folds refuse to disappear easily. In order to keep the shoulder area from stretching and ruining the shape of your jacket, it is suggested to always use wooden hangers instead of plastic and iron ones.

b. Keep It Airy

Since jackets are designed to keep fighting against the cold and wind, a cramped, moist, and warm environment is a disaster for it. Therefore, avoid hanging your jacket inside your cramped closet, instead keep them in the open air as it helps the material to stay crisp and fresh.

c. Clean It The Right Way

If your jacket gets dirty or stained, then instead of submerging it in a bucket of detergent solution and rubbing it vigorously you should try the blotting method with soda or cold water and a paper towel or an absorbent cloth.
You can use detergent and water, only if the direction on the jackets tells you to hand wash them. Even then you need to be careful and before leaving the jacket with water and detergent, you should make sure the detergent is dilute and the water is lukewarm. Do not leave the jacket in the solution for more than 10 minutes.
Never get over smart and replace the lukewarm water with hot water or detergent with bleach.
Whether it is stained or not make sure you keep your jackets clean before the start and the end of the season. Since different insects, such as moths get attracted to the scents of smoke, perfume, and food. You can also get your jacket cleaned by a professional to make sure it looks new when the winter’s return.

d. Dry It Right

If you love your jacket then make sure you never put it in the dryer after the wash, as this will make the most stubborn creases. To appropriately dry your jackets, you need to very gently squeeze the water by hand before laying it flat to dry out.
Hanging is not for wet jackets and using pegs is very likely to ruin the shape of it.

e. Empty The Pockets

Oftentimes, we put things in our pockets and forget to ever take them out, this habit needs to be left if you want your jacket to retain its shape. The contents in the pocket weigh the jacket down, consequently causing it to stretch and change its shape.

f. Store It Right

Always make sure to seal your jackets in a garment bag before carefully putting them away by the end of the season. Do not put mothballs, as the pungent smell of them tends to get inside the jackets, leaving an unpleasant and lots of chemical residual in them. To repel moths and other insects, you should use cedar balls.

Specific Guide For Specific Jackets

Listed below are some special methods for jackets of unique kinds.

For Denim

Like most jackets, denim needs air, therefore, avoid hanging your denim jacket inside your overcrowded closet. Furthermore never over clean your denim jackets, as the dye of denim tends to fade away very quickly.
Since denim should be washed as little as possible, it is best to use little detergent to spot clean the stained area rather than exposing the entire jacket to detergent solution.
If you want to remove odours from the jacket then it is advised to hang the jacket outside. You can also hang the jacket inside the bathroom, as steam keeps the jackets fresh.
In order to retain the pigment of your leather jacket, it is essential to never wash it with hot water, instead, do a cool wash with mild detergent.

For Cotton Jackets

Cotton has an extremely prone-wrinkle fibre, therefore in order to keep your cotton jacket new and clean, you should use hot iron and steam. This will smooth out the wrinkles without altering the shape of the jacket. Since cotton fibre is relatively safer, you can also machine wash them and feel free to clean your jacket with water of any temperature using detergent of the regular kind.

For Leather Jackets

If you want your leather jacket to always stay crisp, then get yourself a good quality leather-protector spray. This also helps to retain the sheen of the leather, since the sprays are water-resistant. To prevent the fibre of your jacket from cracking and drying, you should keep spreading the leather conditioner on your jacket from time to time.

Always use a padded hanger to retain the shape of your jacket’s shoulders and in case your leather jacket gets dirty, it is best to clean it with a soft brush.

Now, you have the ultimate jacket care guide, so you can apply the preceding to all the jackets.



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