Kylo Ren’s Characters In-depth Analysis | From Jedi to Sith

Kylo Ren’s Characters In-depth Analysis | From Jedi to Sith

The Ultimate antagonist warrior of “Star Wars Sequel Trilogy” who doesn’t need any introduction rather welcome to all the Star Wars Fanatics. 


Ben Solo was named after the late Jedi Master, “Obi-Wan-Kanobi,” Who was the master of his infamous Late Grandfather “Lord Darth Vader.”  Kylo Ren was destined to follow his grandfather’s footsteps by luring towards the Sith Lord’s Dark Side. 


Let’s unlock more about Kylo Ren’s character, background, family tree, the journey from good to bad, and ending. Stay tuned till the end as we have got the bonus for our readers. 

Ben Solo the Skywalker | Grandson of Anakin Skywalker

Ben Solo was the grandson of Anakin Skywalker, a.k.a Dark Vader ( freed as a kid slave from Tatooine planet), and Queen Padmé Amidala. His father, Hans Solo & Mother, Leia Organa (the daughter of Darth Vader). Now we all know where the dark power comes to him from.

The journey from The Last of the Jedi to the Jedi Killer 

The Star Wars legacy has been a big hit ever since the first movie got Public in 1997. The series of Star War movies tells the audience a moral reason for what it takes to be good and what it takes to be wrong.


The Star Wars fans always argue on which was villain was the most ruthless of them all. However, come to agree at this one point that Kylo Ren was of the worst of them compared to all Star wars series.


So the question arises here, What happened that made Kylro Ren go from Jedi to the killer of Jedi and join dark armies?


Many Fans have discussed that Kylo Ren was just following his Grandfather’s steps as Lured into the dark side by Snoke, and he used to talk to Darth Vader’s Last remains mask


He acted well more like a spoilt teenager instead of an a Villain like Darth Vader. Some fans call him Ben Solo, trying to imitate his Grandfather in the worst way possible. 


Kylo Ren always felt abandoned by his parents. As Leia had sensed his father’s reflections in Ben Solo thus asked his Uncle Luke Skywalker to train him as Jedi. 


 After confronting, He knew his grandfather was the Darth Vader. 


This revelation leads him to annihilate the Jedi Temple, Assassinate his Master Luke Skywalker,  kill all the Younglings and his father Hans Solo  Before fleeing to Supreme Leader Snoke to join the dark forces. 

Mind-boggling Facts about Kylo Ren you might have missed 

  • Kylo Ren Not Good Enough to be Vader 2.0 

The fans anticipated some heir to officially takeover Vader’s thrown from his own bloodline which would obviously lead to comparing Vader vs Vader’s successor. 


Ultimately, Ben Solo tried so hard but yet failed to keep up with the darkness and even Snoke in his last death scene has confessed that he saw some potential dark power to reign the galaxy but he might be wrong. 

  •  A glitch in Red Kylo Ren’s lightsaber 

Lightsaber naturally never occurs in red color that represents the Sith. Therefore, to change it into red color, the Kyber Crystal has to be bled with its owner’s Evil, hatred, and malice. 


Kylo Ren never being confident about his brutal Darkside with lots of complexities lead him to break and crack his Kyber crystal. Leading to vent on both sides in a crossguard manner. 

  • Leader Snoke & Kylo Ren

It was expected to observe a casual Master and trainee relationship between Snoke and Kylo Ren as it had all the potential to be the next Dark Lord in line. However, Snoke never initiated to train him accurately about the dark forces instead tried to lure him into fulfilling his grandfather’s legacy.

  • Kylo Ren’s Redemption 

There was quite a subtle certainty about Kylo Ren’s redemption as he had always questioned himself following the dark path, trying to suppress his inner True Jedi, trying to make a meaningful journey by dedicating his purpose of life to his Grandfather. 


Why Kylo Ren  Redeem back to Jedi was even doubted?  Though He had executed lots of Brutal acts still they were nothing compared to the wrath of Darth Vader.

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