Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket | Secret of His Fame

Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket | Secret of His Fame

The iconic Michael Jackson’s Thriller Varsity Jacket is a sign of rebellion against the cultures and norms. The red varsity jacket symbolizes the peak era of contemporary pop in the 80s. The 13 minutes thriller was the best-selling number #1 music album. Michael Jackson had worn this red varsity jacket in song thriller, the first-ever song release from the album, and went viral. 

The music video of the thriller won 8 Grammy awards, and experts have analyzed that record-breaking success is not the walking dead version of M.J. Still, the red-colored Michael Jackson’s Thriller varsity jacket with M logo inspired from Star-wars and bad-ass look. The thriller album had sold over 50 million copies Internationally, even after 27 years after its release standing amongst the Topmost best sellers. 

The Michael Jackson’s Effect | Global Influence

MJ is known as the “King of POP,” who revolutionized by pushing the desegregation in the pop culture and American music industry forever.  Ever since 1983 till this date, there has been a never-ending demand in Michael Jackson’s thriller Varsity Jacket

Michael Jackson changed the music industry and became the worldwide fashion icon who pioneered the fashion industry with his influence. He introduced the pop music artists with Military Jackets, Sequined Sparkly Gloves, Aviator Sunglasses, Red Varsity Jacket, Multicultural costumes, and Black High Waisted pants.

The teens, millennials, and even the post-millennial generations still all know MJ and listen to his songs. They get their favorite Michael Jackson-inspired Varsity Jacket to relive the thriller fever. Soon the Thriller song became a  famous Halloween-themed song of all time.  

Michael Jackson’s love for Red Jackets | Why does MJ wear different Red Jackets?

 MJ seems to have endless love for Red bold statement Jackets and coats. That’s why he can be seen wearing a range of red-colored leather, military, and Boho jackets. Million MJ fans still copy his statement looks with Michael Jackson’s customized jackets and moonwalk. 


Michael Jackson wrote in moonwalk from 1988, “If fashions say it’s forbidden, I am going to do it.” 

Michael Jackson not just King of the Pop| Also a Fashion Icon & Trendsetter

From his peak days to still years after his death, millions of people follow all his crazy out-of-the-box trends. Let’s have look into his best statement clothing that became trends in the Fashion Industry:

Michael Jackson’s Most Iconic Outfits 

  • Sparkly White-Glove

  • Leather Suit

  • The Iconic Moonwalk Costumer

  • Bad Move Suit 

  • Fedora from Smooth Criminals 

  • Red Thriller Jacket


Relive the Thriller Night with Michael Jackson’s Varsity Jacket 

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