Predictions and Rumours about La casa de Papel Season 5

Predictions and Rumours about La casa de Papel Season 5

La casa de Papel Is one of the most iconic and praiseworthy Series produced by Netflix. Its first part was premiered on May 2nd, 2017. Currently, 4 parts of this series are released and its fifth part is set to be the final part of this series.

Release Date:

La casa de Papel is all set to release its part five, volume one on September 3rd, 2021. Initially, it was announced to be released early but due to the Covid pandemic the dates shifted ahead and now it’s finally releasing into a total of two volumes. It is speculated that the reason behind releasing La casa de Papel Part five into two volumes is a strategy by Netflix. 

Interaction with Audience:

People are waiting eagerly for its part five. In recent time’s La casa de Papel has built a worldwide viewership due to its two main qualities, it’s a unique story, Second the ability of the scenes to interact with the viewers. It shows the story of the people who are not described in the media, who are disregarded by society without listening to their aspects of the story. 

Predictions and Rumours:

With the release of la casa de Papel part five, various predictions and rumours are revolving around the media. However, these are fan-based theories and should not be considered spoilers. 

The topmost prediction is that the character Tokyo is the narrator of this whole series and she is the last one standing, she is either narrating her story or confusing it to the laws. Anyways this is just a theory and we will eventually, find it out on September 3rd.

Role of Arturo Roman:

 Arturo Roman is not the most loved character in La casa de Papel But he could play a significant role for others to escape. His sudden Entry into the previous part hints that he could play a significant role. Another wild prediction is that Arturo went inside the banks by taking orders from the professor because no one could have got the slightest hint about him. They are still wild predictions and too good to be true.  

The storyline of Professor:

People are desperately waiting to see the storyline of the professor after the ending scene of part four. It was a pretty interesting end as Alecia Sierra was pointing a gun towards the professor’s head. This ending shows us two aspects of the storyline, Either Alecia would join the Gang or she would find a way back desperately into the police. This is one of the main reasons people are waiting desperately for part five.

The Final Wait:

La casa de Papel is watched worldwide and all the people are waiting for the release of its part five. Different kinds of people are looking forward to different aspects of the series and will surely enjoy the new part.

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