Michael Jacksons Black & White Pepsi Jacket

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  • Available in Real/Faux Leather
  • Inner pockets
  • Soft Viscose Inner Lining
  • Front Zipper Closure
  • Multi Zipper Pockets on Front, Sleeves & Back
  • Pointed Collar Style
  • Silver buttons on Front & Back to dapper look


Michael Jackson Black and White Pepsi Leather Jacket

Relive the King’s charismatic effect on people with the Michael Jackson Pepsi Jacket and truly feel why he’s called the King of Pop. Groove to your favorite MJ song also like a pop star with the super-soft inner viscose lining. The leather jacket exudes rock star vibes and so because it is constructed of leather material.

You can also wear this Michael Jackson Leather Jacket just wherever you go to complete the outfit. Wear this jacket to showcase your love for the king of the pop. You can wear it to any party or occasion or even on a night out with friends, or a concert.

The MJ Leather Jacket will bring back all of your childhood memories of watching his performance. It’s stylish and so comfortable to wear, and the leather material traps body heat, keeping you warm and letting you face the elements regularly. Leather sleeves and the leather front will keep you very toasty. The interior soft material is quite durable and gives you a vintage.

It has multi zipper pockets on the front and also have sleeves because of it is a contemporary and military appear. It’s inspired by Thriller Leather Jacket collections. This outfit also have front zipper closing will keep you secure and toasty no matter where you go outside. The sapper appearance is enhanced by the badass pointed collar design with silver buttons on the front and back.

Wear Leather Jacket Michael Jackson just wherever you go to complete the outfit. Wear this jacket to showcase your love for the king of the pop. You can wear it to any party or occasion.

9 reviews for Michael Jacksons Black & White Pepsi Jacket

  1. Diana Larson

    I bought this jacket for my husband as he’s a very big MJ FAN and he loved it so much!! It looks very good on him and the fitting is so good!

  2. Kristine Barnes

    I bought this jacket for my brother and he liked it a lot. The size and the design are perfect too. It looks exactly as it is in the picture.

  3. Jennifer Brott

    I bought this for my fiance and he’s in love with this jacket. the leather is so comforting and warm, I’m thinking of ordering one for myself too now haha.

  4. Steven G. Fanning

    Bought this jacket for my dad on his birthday and he loved it so much he teared up. I knew he was an MJ fan but i didnt know it would effect him this much. He said that he went to an MJ concert with my mom on their first date.

  5. Nicholas Morgan

    This jacket is very good. I prefer it over my other jackets now. this might be my favorite one.

  6. Antonio Wiltshire

    I love this jacket fitting and it goes along with almost every outfit. the black and white contrast stands out in a good way too.

  7. Nicholas Benson

    The leather is so comfortable and cozy, i love this jacket. The fitting is very good too.

  8. Steven Rudnick

    The best part about this jacket is the leather and the color contrast. the pockets are a nice touch too. 10/10.

  9. Eugene Pope

    perfect fitting and the size is good too. The design is very good, I highly recommend it.

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