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The Squid Game

Squid game is an engaging and thriller series release recently on Netflix. In a short period, it has gained enormous popularity and hype due to its stirring and action-packed scenes. A major reason for its rapidly growing popularity is its unique story and the strong acting displayed by the characters. This exhilarating story is based on an eccentric millionaire who targets the troubled class of society and competes with them in retro games for the sake of money. But the huge difference between the retro children games and this Squid game is that if a contestant is loose then he’ll lose his life. The squid game also highlights an important aspect of our life that for money most of us are ready to risk our life.

A total of six retro games were regulated in the squid game with high stakes up to 46 billion won. The entire 456 participants engage in intense action and test out their mental and physical strengths.

Squid Game Costume:

The squid game has obtained an immense amount of popularity in recent times. An underrated reason for this achievement is the Outfits and Squid game jackets. The theme and designs of the Squid game Jackets have caught the attention of the viewers and all the public tend to like it more after viewing the outfits. The participant’s jackets are simple yet elegant and are graceful for casual wear. However, the Guard outfits are stylish and have three different variants. These outfits will eventually gain a lot of popularity and will be trendy costumes in events like Halloween. Another honorable mention is the hoodie of the front man. It contains a stunning and glamorous style in addition to the classic black color.