Ultimate Breakdown of Vegeta’s Character in Dragon Ball Z

Ultimate Breakdown of Vegeta’s Character in Dragon Ball Z

Hey, Dragon Ball Z fans, Do you remember the mighty Saiyan Prince Vegeta from Capsule cork, the sworn Rival of Goku. Vegeta is a Saiyan warrior who is an anti-hero franchise and amongst the First four Arch villains of Dragon Ball Z along with Frieza, Cell, and Buu. 

Let’s get down to all aspects and break down the interesting and powerful character of Vegeta in the famous Japanese manga series Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. 

Fights Won By Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Z Fight Statistics 

Vegeta had a total of 10 fights out of 21 with 9 losses and 2 draws. 

Dragon Ball Super Fight Statistics

This time Vegeta had won a total of 19 fights out of 30 fights with 4 losses and 7 draws.

Vegeta’s Fighting Style | Vegeta’s Signature Moves & Transformations

Even after Vegeta joined the good guy’s gang his fighting style remained the same as the villains. Whenever he fought his aim was to kill the enemy with no mercy. Being a Saiyan is what Vegeta takes pride in, making him fearless and arrogant. 

Vegeta is the perfect warrior, even being the strongest fighter, he doesn’t solely rely on it but also is smart, tactical with high intellect.

Signature Moves

Some of the honorable mentions about Vegeta’s Signature moves, with which he stands out amongst the Villains: 

  • Purple Beamed Galick Gun 

A Galick gun is the best move for fast-paced fire for sudden battles. However, not as powerful as Kamehameha but much quicker to fire. 

  • Lucero Gun 

You might have seen Vegeta launching rapid hundreds of Mini Ki blasts at his enemies known as the Lucore Gun. Vegeta definitely has used this move more than the Galick Gun in both Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Super.

  • Final Flash

Final Flash is slow but worth the effort. Vegeta charged his arms apart, bringing them together and making a ball of energy making a  hell of a powerful lightning punch. 

  • Nuclear Explosion  

Vegeta’s nuclear explosion plays a vital role in defeating battles as his last resort to save himself and his friends. Nuclear Explosions are powerful enough to eliminate any enemies in the room. 


  • Great Ape

As a Saiyan, Vegeta is also able to change into Ape at sites of the full moon. Vegeta had expertise in this transformation that he could convert by launching a Ki Blast that served as a full moon whenever Vegeta wanted. 

  • Super Saiyan 

After meeting Goku and intensive training on the moon, Vegeta was able to achieve the transformational ability into Super Saiyan. Upon transforming into Super Saiyan the user gains extreme power, yellow hair with a golden glow. 

  • Super Saiyan 2

The next level up of Super Saiyan is the Super Saiyan 2 is achieved after the Majin power boost and sometimes the user grows arrogant if not used to it. 

  • Super Saiyan 4

This transformation gives the user wilder hair, red fur, and a much bigger power boost than Super Saiyan 3. 

  • Super Saiyan Blue 

Vegeta skipped the transformation into a Super Saiyan God to directly into Super Saiyan Blue. Super Saiyan blue gives the user blue hair with an energetic aura.


  • Super Saiyan Blue Evolved 

This transformation is 20 times more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue, the user gets more muscular, more powerful, spikier, and lengthy hairs. 

The secret to Vegeta’s Villainous yet Charismatic Personality 

Vegeta’s jacket is the signature of his royal charismatic persona. Fans believe a few reasons he stands out and has a firm fanbase is due to his principles, fighting style, aura, and passion. 

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