Which Squid Game Costume you will wear? | Trendy Tracksuit

Which Squid Game Costume you will wear? | Trendy Tracksuit


In interviews, the filmmaker talked about squid game costume & extremely brutal plot as one of the leading causes of its insane global success. The plot was game-like and interesting with extreme limits, making it more interesting. The thing to lose in the Squid game was your own life, and on winning, the winner gets the best thing in the world: billion dollars. 

Tell us which squid game costume from characters or class were you able to relate with the most?

 What if life had given you a chance to join the Squid Game for real with an extra choice to become the Guardsmen, VIP, Frontman, or Players?

#1 Player’s Teal Colored Squid Game Tracksuit

The squid game tracksuit of players represented hardworking people, slaves of capitalistic society, and burdened due to greed getting rich through short-cuts like gambling. The serial number of every player also exhibits the calculated tracking and controlling of civilians.

#2 Tom Choi’s Frontman Hooded Jacket

Next was the Frontman Hooded Jacket with deep pockets having tools, weapons, and bribes too. The dark metallic frontman’s jacket represented senior managers and supervisors coordinating between the Mega riches and employees to keep their businesses going.

#3 Squid Game’s Guard Jumpsuit

The guardsmen’s hot pink jumpsuit with the folded mask was specifically designed to showcase anonymity, making it easy to blend with the civilians. One thing to notice in the guardsmen squid costume, it had loads of pockets indicating that they were responsible for all the dirty and sorts of work and thus had pockets to store tools & weapons. 

Even the PlayStation-like signs on every guardsman reflected how they were just puppets of the VIP and their every move as instructed. 

#4 VIP’s Expensive Metallic Animal’s Mask

The VIPs’ expensive Gold & Silver metallic facemasks reflected the luxuries owned and cherished by the mega-rich people of the society. The squid game also indicated how the rich could arrange any sort of death game just for the sake of their entertainment.

#5 Squid Game Kang Sae-Byeok 067 Jacket

 We just couldn’t resist stocking the famous squid game character Kang Sae-Byeok’s 067 Jacket. Ever since the squid game, the character has got all the support from the fanbase. However, the number 067 is lucky using having solid relationships with friends & family but unlucky in the death game.

Where can I get Squid Game Costume to Shop Online from?


Hurry up before the death game’s time runs out, and you are left with nothing.

Willing to stake some $$$  to buy the tracksuit costumes from the popular Squid Game, or you don’t want to play?

Squid Game Costumes – a must-have for your wardrobe

You can never run out of utilizing the tracksuit costumes as you can wear it for a marathon, morning jog, or while on a running athletic spree as it is made of high-quality cotton and well-designed. 

Still, Do you want to wear a squid costume but a reusable one, not something you wear once a year on Halloween and never again?

We have stocked costumes of all the main and famous characters in the thrilling action series, including the Kang-Sae-Byeok jacket or the horrific Frontman Tom Choi’s jacket. You can look more mysterious and spooky with Squid games’ Guardsmen jumpsuit. Select any costume of the squid game with which you can relate the most.


Costumes cloth quality is perfectly built with high-quality front zipper closure. Everybody just went crazy about Squid Game ever after the series went viral on Netflix. We started getting loads of orders in bulk as Squid game-themed parties were planned in most colleges and high schools in the United States. 


Most of our online shoppers were millennials and post-millennials asking for more other costumes except for the tracksuit. We started to stock three more best-selling squid game costumes, and the sales went higher. 

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