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Money Heist Best Outfit Collection

Money Heist features some of the most iconic jumpsuits in TV history. Marel Jacket introduces you to these outfits. These legally sanctioned garments feature a bright red, long-sleeved jumpsuit with large practical front zippers and a large back cape, and a stylized Salvador Dali mask to complete the look. Creative styling and bright colors are sure to make you visible.

This convenient bank robber costume is male plus size (fits most adults up to in chest and waist) and is great for Halloween, trick-or-treat, themed parties, cosplay, costume competitions, gaming conventions, and other enjoyable activities. Have a friend join you wearing “The Professor” to create a duo look that everybody would immediately remember. Care for this legally sanctioned Money Heist suit made of 100% polyester by spot cleaning only so that you can reuse it for future activities.