All You Need To Know About Raincoats

Raincoats have been considered as something extremely unfashionable for quite some time. When you hear about a raincoat, the first picture popping in our minds is a small kid waiting for their bus while it’s drizzling, or a person who has gone up a hilly area to hike while wrapping themselves with all the heavy and warm cardigans without caring about fashion at all.

The men’s hooded rain jackets aren’t preferred by most when it comes to making a fashion statement, but this can easily be changed. Read on to learn how men can wear hooded raincoats in the most fashionable manner.

How To Wear A Rain Jacket For Men

  • Wear Them As A Layer

If you’re residing in the Northern Hemisphere, the winters would definitely be very harsh at your side allowing you to layer with raincoats. Leave yourself some space to put on a hoodie, a shirt, or a light bomber jacket within a raincoat.

These jackets are generally very lightweight and they can be easily packed. This is why you can pull these jackets out of your bag at any place and any time.

  • Do Not Use Old-Fashioned Raincoats

In today’s fast-paced world, everything we need should be techy and easy to move. Therefore, your rain jacket should always have the element of stretch in it, like a softshell jacket. What you should always avoid is a stiff, old-fashioned jacket that restricts your movements and makes it hard to carry while traveling.

  • Keep Your Rain Jacket Packable

Whenever you’re buying a rain jacket, make sure the jacket keeps you dry (which is the main purpose of the outerwear) but it should also be something that is compact. There are many rain jackets available in the market that can be packed into its own pockets, which are placed in the inner side, or in some cases, you’ll find a separate pouch. This will allow you to take off your heavy jacket when you feel like it, put it safely in the backpack, and pull it out as soon as the storm strikes.

  • Find Yourself A Waterproof Rain Jacket

Your rain jacket should always be water-resistant. These waterproof jackets are what you need when you head out in rainy conditions. A fully waterproof rain jacket has a seam seal that does not allow any moisture or wetness to penetrate through.

However, you also need to ensure that the jacket does not trap heat in, which comes as a drawback with many waterproof cardigans.

  • Styling Your Raincoat

When you’re looking for raincoats, search for something that is designed like a track jacket, as they are best teamed up with casual and semi-casual clothing like T-shirts, button-down shirts, jeans, and wide-legged pants. However, if you’re going to the office where you want to wear a coat or blazer to look formal, go beyond matching colors. This is where you should find yourself a fit that is big enough to glide all over your coat and even half of your pants without appearing very baggy and bulky.

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